Precast Concrete Products

Roctek supplies precast concrete products including landscaping blocks and parking curbs.

Precast Concrete Products In Creston, BC

Roctek Concrete Products is a Creston, BC precast concrete supplier, providing concrete lego blocks in large and small sizes, and concrete parking curbs. We produce and deliver our precast concrete products for use in commercial, industrial, residential, urban and rural projects.


Precast Concrete Blocks - Large & Small Sizes

Concrete Parking Curbs - Supplied & Delivered

Precast Concrete Lego Blocks (2)

Precast Concrete Lego Blocks

Precast concrete lego blocks are developed off site by pouring concrete into casts that are then transported to the project location. Since precast concrete blocks are developed off-site, we can ensure the concrete is made to the highest standard during development.

Concrete Parking Curbs

Our precast concrete parking curbs – or curb stops if you prefer – can be seen all over in parking lots. Manufactured in our plant, our concrete is consistent in its strength and finish.  Our curbs are cast so that they have a smooth finish, making them easy to paint.  We have our standard seven foot curb in stock ready for delivery.

Create A Custom Look With The Ability To Stain

Precast Concrete Parking Curbs (2)

Creston, BC Concrete Products Delivered To You

Rocktek has the ability to transport and deliver concrete products to your project location or job site.

Benefits Of Precast Concrete Products

Roctek Precast Concrete Products can supply and install quality Precast Concrete Products that your residential or commercial project requires.

Design-build effeciency

Pick-up or delivery right to you, our precast concrete products will save you time and keep you on schedule.

Lower maintenance costs

With Roctek’s precast concrete products, they can be left unpainted or with our smooth finish have paint or stain that will last.

Make it your own with aesthetics

You have the option to add color to your concrete products by having us add color to the concrete mix before casting.

Strong & durable concrete everytime

Roctek has tested, and tested again to come up with the concrete mixture that provides a finished concrete product that is strong and long lasting.

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