Verti-Block Retaining Walls

Roctek is an authorized Verti-Block™ distributor /Installer – Retaining Walls in Creston, BC & Area

Verti-Block Retaining Walls In Creston, BC

Verti-BlockTM is the latest innovative product to build retaining walls. Recognized worldwide for outstanding aesthetics and a patented system that produces top-quality construction materials. Verti-BlockTM is a unique interlocking pre-cast concrete block solution for retaining walls.

Verti-Block Roctek

Retaining Walls for Landscape Projects Big & Small

Verti-Block™ is ideal for retaining wall solutions with your landscaping projects including residential landscape projects, commercial campuses, schools, parks, back yards, and more. 

A Look Like No Other With Verti-Block Concrete Retaining Walls

Verti-Block™ beyond its amazing structural attribute, also comes with amazing looks. Verti-Block™ is a favorite of property owners for its beautiful, natural stacked stone finished looks. 

Create A Custom Look With The Ability To Stain

Verti-Block Applications

Verti-Block™ has great versatility allowing for many different applications

Verti Block Gravity Wall

Gravity Wall

Verti Block Retaining Wall Landscaping

Landscaping Retaining Wall

Verti Block Retaining Wall with Fence

Retaining Wall with Fence

Verti Block Commercial

Commercial Verti-Block™ Walls


Below are some of the most common questions we get about our Verti-Block Retaining Walls

Can You Install In A Backyard?

Yes! Verti-Block was created with landscaping in mind—meaning we’ve made it easy to transport and install, even in tight access spots. Blocks can be moved and put into place with smaller equipment

Can I Get Verti-Block™ In Different Colors?

Yes! Once your retaining wall is installed you can stain the stone to compliment your surroundings. This stain also has a weather and UV-resistant finish.

What Makes Verti-Block™ Better?

Unique in size, shape, and flexibility of use, Verti-Block™ makes for an ideal solution over other solutions for retaining walls. The blocks have a unique male-and-female interlocking design creating unmatched strength and more flexibility.

Are Verti-Block™ Retaining Walls Expenisive?

In fact, Verti-Block™ is actually cheaper then alternatives! As a hollow block, Verti-Block™ is lighter, requiring less manpower, equipment, and transportation costs. These blocks also allow for a quicker install of the retaining wall, saving you more money.

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